Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Bug: Ebony Bug Corimelaena

Ebony Bug on goldenrod
Time flies quickly when you are bug blogging. Here it is another Friday and time for a bug post. In the interests of brevity, I offer you an Ebony Bug, Corimelaena sp. (family Thyreocoridae). And brief it is - about 3 mm long. Looking somewhat more like a beetle than a bug, and reputed to feed on flowers, seeds, and fruits of many plants, this is still a welcome addition to the garden. They are common enough in the summer, but never associated with any noticeable damage - the perfect garden herbivore.

For some reason not at all obvious to me, Ebony Bugs used to be called Negro Bugs (and still are in most texts). I've been trying to decide how I would feel if there were a family of pale bugs with red noses that were called 'Caucasian Bugs'. I've decided it would be strange, but people are strange and I'd probably just scratch my head and go about my business. But then, I do like bugs and not everyone feels that way.

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  1. This pale person (sans red nose, for the moment) finds it strange that people are passionate about bugs, and that some even manage to make a living studying them. I also don't understand why,in the 21st century, a company can survive with a name like "Rubbermaid". Either way, I'll sign off now before I am accused of making less sense than usual.

    May Gaia bless your little harmless herbivore...