Friday, July 13, 2012

A Splendid Alternative to Blurry Bees

What's wrong with my camera?
I never had much truck with tennis players that blamed their racket for a bad shot, but some days I end up cursing my point-and-shoot with a similar lack of logic. Ever had a fun hour of snapping busy bees and ended up with pictures like that above by an anonymous 'photographer'? Well, if so, then Splendor Awaits has some excellent advice on Making a bee line ...
Impressionist or Incompetent, you decide
Of course, some unexpected pictures aren't all that bad. Perhaps I have a latent artistic gene (or I badly need a visit to my optometrist)?

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  1. Like your Impressionist shot of Heather and that bearded dude. It makes it look like he towers over her.