Saturday, December 7, 2013

One Reason for Moving the Home Bug Garden

A tale of two cities
The shift in locations for the Home Bug Garden is under way - and none too soon as Alberta gives me a chilly farewell and Brisbane a warm reception. Some wandering will be in order and a final HBG Oz may take a while, but my peregrinations will start popping up here.
Brush-tails prefer apples to mangoes - De gustibus ...
It is all different here, and yet familiar as the memories come back one-by-one. Perhaps Queensland is not as spectacular as Alberta in relief or size of its native mammals, but it is hard to think of anything else that it lacks. And I prefer Ring-tails to Red Squirrels, although the former are more of a pest if you are trying to regenerate native plants.
Ring-tailed Possum - a confirmed herbivore
Lots of insects and spiders too.
Brown House Spider has Ant-lion to dinner
And then there are the mangoes.

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  1. Glad you will keep the Home Bug Garden going. Looking forward to lots of buggy delights to help warm our frozen lives here in Alberta.