Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pie Creek: A trial Ozzie Bug Garden

The new backyard
I've settled down for the moment in the countryside outside of Gympie, Queensland. My little rental lot is a bit sparse on the vegetation, but that is part of the challenge. In contrast, the neighbour on one side has spent the last 32 years improving his lot for the birds and mammals (and, incidentally, for the insects and spiders) in a forest/pond-ecosystem kind of way. It will be interesting to see what changes I can affect here during my stay.
Garden Orbweaver Eriophora transmarina - pale morph
The neighbour on the other side is a farmer (I'm renting the original farm house - small enough to qualify for the Tiny House Movement) and of a more practical bent. But he likes the birds too (not so supportive of the bandicoots though) and is happy for me to start a small garden.
One-third of a family group of Grey-crowned Babblers
The bird life is fantastic and so far Laughing Kookabuura, Peewee (Magpie-lark), Common Koel, Brush Turkey, Purple Swamp Hen, Masked Lapwing, Brown Cuckoo Dove, Crested Pigeon, Rainbow Lorikeet, Pheasant Coucal, Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike, Willie Wagtail, Grey-crowned Babbler, Red-backed Fairy Wren, Little Friar Bird, Mickey Bird (Noisy Miner), Brown Honeyeater (cf), Blue-faced Honeyeater, Cattle Egret and Torresian Crow have stopped long enough to be recognized.
Grey-crowned Babbler showing its crown
And the bugs seem to be great too, but I've hardly started seeing what is there and what I can do to attract more. Mantids, moths, wasps and bees are all around, but as usual, more difficult to see and identify than are the birds.
Mystery Potter Wasp


  1. Looks like you have started a wonderful adventure. All the best in 2014 in the new HBG!

  2. Um, wish I'd read this post before I commented back there. Of course you're keeping warm you're in Gympie! I'll keep reading...