Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bold-feathered Grass Moth, probably

A dizzy moth, perhaps the Bold-feathered Grass Moth 
If you've read this blog before, you know me for a whinger about the Alberta weather. You probably imagine me as a grouchy old wanker with nothing better to do than look out his window and feel sorry for himself. Well, there is something to that: I often look out my window and feel totally depressed by the weather (the climate is beyond my comprehension).
Herpetogramma pertextalis (Lederer, 1863), most likely
Still, I soldier on and find what I can to be positive about in this land in which I find myself imprisoned (my heroic aspect revealed). This weekend has been a tough one - pretty bloody miserable after a string of ordinary to miserable weekends all 'summer'. Still, I had a few hours last night with the blacklight before the massive thunderstorm hit about 3:40 am. 
Probably Herpetogramma pertextalis, but maybe Sitochroa chortalis 
This moth was one of the several interesting - oh why be coy - very cool moths that fluttered into the light between showers and downpours last night. Took me a long time to figure out its probable name because it looks so geometrioidy. But no, it is a Pyraloidea of one ilk or another, and quite possibly the rather rare (in Alberta) Bold-feathered Grass Moth.
Carpet moth, as yet identified
Should I brave the thunder and lightening again tonight or try to get some sleep? Well, when one sleeps one may, perchance, dream. Is a moth at the light worth a pleasant dream? Well, beats  a nightmare and we have all winter to sleep. My guess is that this is Dysstroma hersiliata (Guenée, 1858), the Orange-barred Carpet Moth, but a better picture would be nice and who knows what else may show up.

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