Saturday, July 20, 2013

[Inter]national Moth Week: Wet Night One

Virgin Tiger (Grammia virgo) over flies a Sharp-angled Carpet Moth (Euphyia intermediata) as coyotes (Canis latrans) howl in the night
Well, the yanks are doing their National Moth Week again and we friendly neighbours to the north are ready to remind them that moths respect not borders. Last week the Environment Canada prediction looked like we would be starting Moth Week with sunshine and clear skies. Well, Edmonton did have on of its rare two days in a row without rain this week; but alas, such perversity is now passed and the clouds and rains have returned.
Haploa lecontei aka LeConte's Haploa, another Tiger Moth
Rain is not so good for mothing, but clouds have a silver lining - cloudy nights are best for blacklighting. So the next week's predicted dreary day after day after day of clouds casts no pall over nights of scaly wonder. As an added bonus, if you stay up late enough each night appreciating moths then you'll probably sleep through most of the dreary day anyway (of course, this could get you fired). With any luck, tonight's rains will have passed before the long northern summer day is done and the black light will once more call forth the amazing diversity of scale-winged beauties. If not, well, I've been saving up moths for you for a rainy night or even a rainy week.
Large Lace-Border Scopula limboundata

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